Corespun yarns

High-quality elastic and non-elastic core yarns are spun on state-of-the-art Rieter ring spinning machines. Combed medium, long and extra-long staple cotton qualities as well as viscose, micromodal and their blends with well-known elastanes in the range of 11 to 156 dtex are processed. The spun yarns are wound on Murata Coners equipped with Quantum yarn cleaners from Uster. The core yarns are usually spliced, but can also be knotted on customer request.
The basis for the highest and finest qualities is the selective use of raw materials, 4-fold foreign fibre cleaning and permanent control of the quality parameters in our textile laboratory.


In this spinning process, a roving of staple fibres is spun around the elastane. Final counts from Nm 20/1 to Nm 170/1 are ideally combined by the classical advantages of the natural fibre with the technical advantages of an elastane core and are used in weaving as well as knitting.


In this spinning process, two rovings of staple fibres are spun around the elastane in a single operation. The resulting spun yarn offers advantages over classic Corespun in terms of processing and fabric finish, such as higher uniformity, less hairiness and better coverage of the core due to the complete integration of the elastane component. We have had these top-quality Sirospun yarns protected as registered trademarks under the brand names cotton star® and elasto star®. We offer them in final counts from Nm 50/2 to Nm 280/2.

With cotton star® and elasto star®, we have developed a yarn that combines all customer requirements. The pleasantly soft material made of cotton or micromodal inspires with an incomparable look and is characterised by unique comfort and a natural feel on the skin. These sophisticated qualities are mainly used in elastic fabrics as well as in bodysuits and seamless products.

Inelastic core yarns

Our product range also includes hard core yarns, which do not have elastane as their core, but high-tenacity polyamide or polyester filament yarn with different properties. Apart from the classical use for sewing threads, these core yarns are increasingly used in technical applications such as core yarns for tyre cord for the automotive industry.

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